Love, wood and lots of cats!

our story

When Audrey, my daughter, moved to her first apartment, she was looking for a trendy, eco-friendly and aesthetic cat tree for Tinder, her hyperactive Bengal cat.

We looked online and found a lot of cat trees, all made in factories from unsustainable and not durable material such as carpet.


That's when she turned to me and asked:

Dad, can you build me a cat tree made from recycled natural wood?

The challenge was to build an eco-friendly cat tree, designed to fit the dimensions of her living room. It needed to be a trendy decoration as well as a playground for Tinder, the cat.

Soon after I created the first Arbrasha (cat tree), she shared on Facebook a photo. This was the spark!

That's how the family business Arbrasha was born!


Jean Denis,

Founder of Arbrasha



The artist


It is sitting in front of a drawing table, with a good coffee, that the creation of a cat tree begins.


The most aesthetic, natural and functional design is selected.

The craftsman


Our ideas begin to take shape in our workshop.


With our hands, we transform wood into a work of art. The quality of the wood, its strength and its appearance are inspected and verified.

The perfectionist


Meticulously, we assemble the cat tree.

We end by adding customizable items to the customer's choice.


At that time, your unique artwork is ready to be delivered to your home!




Jean Denis

Audrey Denis

Audrey is the creative mind of the team! She is also the owner of Tinder!

Antoine Denis

Antoine heads the web strategy and logistics.


Cat enthusiast and exceptional craftsman, Jean

is the founder of Arbrasha.

By far our best employee, Tinder tests all our products and ensures quality!